There are no tuition fees for the training program.

However there is a general administration fee to be paid for the registration as a student of the University of Göttingen or the Technical University of Braunschweig (amounting about EUR 200 twice per year).

Living expenses

Living expenses (including accomodation) are estimated to be around EUR 700-900 per month for a single person depending on life style.


In Katlenburg-Lindau, a number of appartments are administered by the Max Planck Institute. Assistance in finding privately run rooms or appartments is also offered by the Institute. For these and other matters see the visitors guide.

In Göttingen and Braunschweig, single rooms are available in student dormitories, administered by the Studentenwerk Göttingen / Braunschweig (monthly rent from about EUR 250). Housing off-campus (mostly private) is usually more expensive but offers a wider range of options. Assistance in finding housing off-campus is offered by the Office of International Relations (Akademisches Auslandsamt Göttingen / Braunschweig).

Health Insurance

Health insurance is obligatory for all students. The cost depends on the individual insurance contract. Fellowship holders with a German statutory health insurance or a private insurance with at least the same extent of coverage as the statutory scheme (basic or full rate) receive a subsidy of 50 percent up to 100 EUR per month.

Financial Support

Successful applicants will receive financial support.

Unless students obtain their own fellowship, PhD students with a Master or Diploma degree receive a fellowship, which is free of tax and social insurance. Health insurance is mandatory and must be paid by the student. The monthly fellowship amounts about EUR 1300. The fellowship is offered for 3 years.

In some cases, depending of the source of the fellowship, PhD students are offered a working contract and are paid a salary according to the German Public Service standards, 1/2 to 2/3 TVöD 13 for 3 years, subject to income tax, a contribution to health insurance, social insurance (pension, unemployment), and, if applicable, a church tax. Expect a net income between EUR 1100 and 1300 per month, depending on family status and age.

Depending on the performance, the MPS provides a post doc period after the completion of the thesis, allowing students to finish papers and search for new positions.